‘Avatar: The Remaining Airbender’: Netflix Claims Sokka and Toph Had Suyin, Fandom Reacts

‘Avatar: The Remaining Airbender’: Netflix Claims Sokka and Toph Had Suyin, Fandom Reacts

Netflix made a daring alternative now now not too long ago after they determined to weigh in on a hotly debated topic in Avatar lore. The streaming extensive selected aspects when the ask of Suyin’s parentage came up. But these who disagree with their commentary will possible give the platform some leeway, given how thankful they’re for Netflix’s resolution to command Avatar: The Remaining Airbender to their choices. What’s more, the loved Nickelodeon show became ready to atomize one in every of Netflix’s longest-held files now now not too long ago. 

‘Avatar: The Remaining Airbender’ breaks Netflix file 

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Netflix with out a doubt struck gold after they optioned Avatar: The Remaining Airbender for streaming on their platform. Both longtime fans and new devotees mercurial dug into the show, boosting it up the Netflix charts and at closing serving to the show to atomize a Netflix file. 

In a surprise soar to the discontinue, Avatar: The Remaining Airbender surpassed Ozark because the longest-working high 10 show on the streaming platform. Previously, Ozark sat on the head of the checklist for 57 days — with out a doubt nothing to scoff at. 

Nonetheless, on July 15, 2020, Avatar surpassed Ozark, racking up 58 days on the discontinue 10 checklist. That is fee noting, because the show is purely one in every of two non-Netflix produced reveals to indirectly discontinue up on the checklist for an prolonged time interval, alongside Cash Heist.

The opposite detail fee stating is that Avatar managed to retain a high 10 residing since day one in every of its Netflix free up. No longer a single day sooner than day 58 handed with out the show trending on the discontinue 10 checklist. 

Netflix weighs in on Suyin’s parentage

these who reflect suyin dazzling looked out of skinny air (its unconfirmed but mute)

— NX (@NXOnNetflix) July 28, 2020

Netflix has with out a doubt seen, because the streaming extensive has began to work on the side of Avatar fans on its Twitter page. In an especially daring transfer, Netflix determined to weigh in on one in every of the gathering’ hotly debated subject issues. 

In Avatar: The Fable of Korra, Toph has a daughter named Suyin. Suyin’s father is rarely ever ever printed, but Netflix suggests that it’s in actuality Sokka who paired up with Toph. 

Netflix tweeted, “[I]t’s dazzling we also secretly ship zukka and tokka on this memoir so.” For these now now not in the know, Zukka methodology Zuko and Sokka, and Tokka methodology Toph and Sokka.

They then added, “[P]eople who reflect suyin dazzling looked out of skinny air [clown emoji] (its unconfirmed but mute).”

There are several longstanding debates by relationships on Avatar, customarily centering on who will deserve to comprise damage up with Katara, and who Toph ended up with. 

‘Avatar: The Remaining Airbender’ fans react to Netflix’s commentary

Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Aang of Avatar: The Remaining Airbender | NickRewind/YouTube

As any fan of a show knows, fandoms are very severe by their characters’ relationships. And Avatar: The Remaining Airbender fans are no barely a pair of. It appears many of the fans aren’t into the premise of “Tokka.”

Twitter customers had been fleet to weigh in on Netflix’s commentary regarding Sokka and Toph. One particular person wrote, in piece, “Suyin has a father obviously but it’s now now not Sokka. As critical as you wish it would possibly possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps happen it dazzling didn’t.”

Every other added, “Which…..makes Sokka a deadbeat dad that didn’t acknowledge or serve develop his have kid. And likewise doubtlessly a cheater if he became married to Suki. Why you gotta attain my man dirty fancy this?”

One Twitter particular person joked, “[S]eriously tho this intern is abt to secure fired lmaooo.”


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