Chiefs vs. Chargers: Trouble with Mexico City turf during ‘Monday Night Football’



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    The NFL’s Week 11 international showcase game Monday in Mexico City between the Chiefs and Chargers has added a chapter to the league’s recent struggles with field quality abroad.

    After cancelling a scheduled game at Estadio Azteca last year due to an unsafe playing surface, and pushing through with an embarrassing preseason contest this year in Winnepeg, Canada, the league has received a new wave of widespread criticism concerning turf conditions.

    Numerous divots emerged during Monday’s game — and ground crew members had to fill them during breaks in the action. That led to increased risk of injury and questioning of how the NFL deemed the field OK to compete on.

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    Here are some of the examples of players struggling with the surface, as well as criticisms from current and former players around the league:

    Instances field did not hold up

    NFL reaction to Mexico City field

    This field is not acceptable for a NFL game

    — Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz) November 19, 2019

    Long way to travel to perform on a field that looks border line dangerous.

    — Benjamin Watson (@BenjaminSWatson) November 19, 2019




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