DaBaby and DaniLeigh Update: Did She Verify They Had a Relationship?

DaBaby and DaniLeigh Update: Did She Verify They Had a Relationship?

For months now, song followers had been questioning if rapper DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh had been relationship. Even though the connection turn out to be never confirmed, loads of folks factual assumed that they were an merchandise. Nonetheless because of the statements on social media, it appears cherish that we might perhaps unbiased receive gotten a concrete solution as to if they were ever together.

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A transient timeline of rumors of a DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s relationship

Followers idea DaBaby and DaniLeigh were relationship for several months. The 2 collaborated on various times. For one, DaniLeigh co-choreographed DaBaby’s song video for “Bop.” Then, DaBaby turn out to be featured on DaniLeigh’s single, “Levi High.” That tune turn out to be launched earlier this year. Rumors continued, especially because MeMe, mother of DaBaby’s daughter, spoke about the two being together on social media. DaniLeigh and Meme also got into help-and-forths on social media.

Peaceful, DaBaby and DaniLeigh remained coy and never made public statements about their relationship. They appeared together and all thru the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, folks idea that the two might perhaps be quarantined together because of the an identical photos they took.

DaniLeigh talked about the rumors in an interview with Vitality 105.1. She acknowledged, “I point out it is what it is. I do realize it comes with this lifestyles. I already know you post one thing, folks factual gon’ blueprint close on I wager, so. I don’t know, it is what it is. I don’t if truth be told care.”

Earlier this month, DaniLeigh made a cryptic post on Instagram which led many folks to heart of attention on she and DaBaby weren’t together anymore. “Sooner than I land .. I wanna tell myself that it is a reset time out. What’s no longer for me God will no longer enable … What I give gain to can receive to serene equally give help .. I’m giving all my gain to myself, God, and to my household,” she wrote on her Instagram story in section. “I worked so hectic even within the approach of being anguish. I’m clearing my mind.. detoxification my soul.. and discovering closure for myself.. I’m coming help dwelling a brand original particular person.”

DaniLeigh responds to folks tweeting her about the rumors

Someone on Twitter send out a tweet, asking why folks were calling DaniLeigh a homewrecker. The particular person acknowledged that since DaBaby turn out to be no longer with the mum of child whereas relationship, then no one can receive to serene receive a controversy with him relationship anyone else.

DaniLeigh replied to this particular person, citing that she didn’t owe an explanation to anybody about the anguish. She also noted that folks were trying on the anguish in a steady responsible her.

“Nonetheless idc to point out to anybody within the world motive I undoubtedly don’t owe y’all nothing,” she wrote. “The sphere has extra hate and would somewhat me be a girl that began one thing with anyone that turn out to be ‘already in a relationship’ so idc the least bit.”

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Every other particular person determined to chime in and train that DaniLeigh turn out to be a homewrecker however acknowledged “she KNEW he turn out to be with his bm and serene turn out to be pushing herself on it .. its a RESPECT ingredient.”

Never knew, pause talking cherish u undoubtedly in our lives bro . U gain no longer receive any idea of one thing else

— danileigh (@DaniLeigh) July 24, 2020

The singer also chimed in on this fan’s thought, letting them know that they didn’t know one thing else about what went on. On this tweet, DaniLeigh appears to acknowledge that she and DaBaby were eager at one level since she says that she didn’t know DaBaby turn out to be with MeMe. “Never knew, pause talking cherish u undoubtedly in our lives bro. U gain no longer receive any idea of one thing else,” she acknowledged.

DaBaby hasn’t acknowledged one thing else about the dialogue on social media yet.


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