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Global outrage erupts over China’s ‘draconian‘ security legislation for Hong Kong

High lawyers and politicians from 23 international locations explicit grave concerns over ‘assault’ on metropolis’s rights and freedoms

Primitive Hong Kong governor Chris Patten says there is frequent world outrage at the imposition of security legislation.
Photo: Bobby Yip/Reuters

Senior international protection lawmakers and senior politicians from 23 international locations, among them the dilapidated Hong Kong governor, Chris Patten, possess warned that a new Chinese language security legislation for the metropolis is a “comprehensive assault” on its rights and freedoms and “can now not be tolerated”.

In a strongly worded assertion, the 186 signatories said they’d “grave concerns” regarding the legislation and feared it would jeopardise the metropolis’s future.

“The assertion reveals growing and frequent world outrage at the resolution by the Chinese language authorities to unilaterally impose national security legislation in Hong Kong,” Patten said.

Critics roar the brand new security legislation successfully spells the dwell of Hong Kong’s recent map of lifestyles. The US secretary of deliver, Mike Pompeo, has described it as a “loss of life knell” for the metropolis’s autonomy.

Beijing’s resolution to legislate for the territory successfully sweeps aside the guarantees made when the metropolis was as soon as handed over to China from British colonial rule in 1997. At the time, Hong Kong was as soon as assured 50 years of autonomy, with all civil rights and freedoms preserved for that point.

It has its believe police power, an self sustaining judiciary and freedom of speech, which had been serious to building its standing as an world financial and trade hub. All of that is most likely to be threatened by the brand new legislation.

“Here is maybe the most extreme likelihood to the of us of Hong Kong that there was as soon as from the Chinese language authorities since 1997,” said Malcolm Rifkind, the dilapidated UK international secretary and one in all the assertion’s signatories. “The of us of Hong Kong need, and deserve, our increase.”

Offences covered, alongside side “treason, secession, sedition [and] subversion”, are dilapidated to detain and silence authorities critics on the mainland. The draft version of the legislation also enables Chinese language security forces to space up outposts in the metropolis.

And Hong Kong authorities possess made obvious they’ll use their new powers to crack down on pro-democracy protests which possess roiled the metropolis for nearly a one year.

A heavy crackdown will now not kind out the grievances riding the boom dawdle, which over the last one year absolute top escalated as the metropolis’s police power turned to extra and extra aggressive ways, the enviornment neighborhood said.

“It is the genuine grievances of frequent Hong Kongers that are riding protests. Draconian laws will absolute top escalate the scenario extra, jeopardising Hong Kong’s future as an originate Chinese language world metropolis,” the assertion said.

Policy-makers and politicians from all over the political spectrum, and world broad, keep their names to the assertion. Within the UK, they consist of chair of the international affairs committee, Tom Tugendhat, two dilapidated leaders of the Conservative salvage collectively, and the prestigious human rights campaigner, Baroness Helena Kennedy.

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