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Google Messages prepares terminate-to-terminate encryption for RCS, Google Fi integration, e book cloud restores

Earlier on the present time, our pals at AndroidPolice bought their hands on Google Messages 6.2.031 and uploaded it to APKMirror. Our friend Quinny899 notified us that this APK is de facto a dogfood develop, which manner it became now not purported to be released to the public. Most incessantly, these dogfood builds be pleased moderately just a few attention-grabbing code for parts that are in development, and Messages 6.2.031 is effectively a form of cases. This dogfood develop hints that Google is making ready terminate-to-terminate encryption for RCS messages, Google Fi story integration to sync calls, texts, and voicemails, and e book cloud restores of backups.

An APK teardown can usually predict parts that would reach in a future replace of an application, however it absolutely is imaginable that any of the parts we display shroud right here couldn’t develop it in a future unlock. Here’s because these parts are for the time being unimplemented in the live develop and will doubtless be pulled at any time by the builders in a future develop.

Pause-to-Pause Encryption for RCS

RCS is broadly seen because the successor to SMS. With RCS, users can swap media files in high of the range, gaze read receipts, gaze typing indicators, start community chats, and fix extra over mobile files and even Wi-Fi. Moderately than wait for carriers to undertake the RCS protocol on their very non-public, Google began to roll out RCS enhance in the Google Messages app for each person in the UK and France. They later rolled out RCS enhance in the Messages app for of us in the US, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Portugal, Argentina, Pakistan, Poland, and Turkey.

One characteristic that fashionable messaging apps fancy WhatsApp and Telegram enhance however RCS hasn’t is terminate-to-terminate encryption, however it absolutely appears to be like to be fancy Google is making able to be capable of add enhance for that on their very non-public terminate. The biggest fresh characteristic that is in the works in Google Messages 6.2.031 is “Pause-to-Pause Encrypted Rich Communication Service message[s].” In step with the strings, you’ll be pleased the selection to send messages with terminate-to-terminate encryption or, if your files connection is unlucky, without encryption by falling abet to SMS/MMS.

Chatting terminate-to-terminate encrypted with %s
Resend as chat
Pause-to-Pause Encrypted Rich Communication Service message
"SMS/MMS texts don't seem to be terminate-to-terminate encrypted.
To send with terminate-to-terminate encryption, wait for improved files connection or send messages now as SMS/MMS."
Ship unencrypted
Ship unencrypted messages?
"SMS/MMS texts don't seem to be terminate-to-terminate encrypted.
To send with terminate-to-terminate encryption, wait until %1$s has files connection or send messages now as SMS/MMS."This message is aloof making an attempt to be sent terminate-to-terminate encrypted to the recipient. You may possibly possibly send the message as SMS/MMS as a change.

You’ll even be in a residing to send your residing thru an terminate-to-terminate encrypted message:

Ship terminate-to-terminate encrypted message with chosen residing %1$s

Within the kill, it appears to be like to be it is doubtless you’ll possibly be in a residing to purchase whether or now not assorted apps can pick up entry to your terminate-to-terminate encrypted messages. On the opposite hand, third-occasion app builders are for the time being now not in a residing to implement RCS enhance of their messaging apps.

Let assorted apps pick up entry to terminate-to-terminate encrypted messages

Google Fi integration

One other fresh characteristic that many users are having a explore forward to is Google Fi integration. Even though Google Hangouts is on its plan out, it’s aloof urged to users who are making an attempt to gaze and answer to their calls, texts, and voicemails on numerous gadgets. That can possibly swap soon, nonetheless, as Google Messages is making able to take dangle of up the slack.

The above settings page, once it goes live for all users, will allow Google Fi subscribers to signal into their story to sync any texts, calls, or voicemails they’ve across screens. Google Messages has had an net app for fair about 2 years now, so this is doubtless where Google Fi users will be in a residing to read and answer to their texts.

If you happen to signal up to your Google Fi story in Google Messages, you’ll be pleased the selection to switch dialog history from Hangouts to Messages. Unfortunately, you won’t be in a residing to sync messages or instruct calls to a computer whilst you enable RCS in Message. If you happen to disable multi-tool sync in settings, you’ll even be unable to choose up entry to calls and voicemails on the on-line however you’ll proceed so that you can textual inform material from the on-line.

Google Fi strings

"You are already signed in from the critical cellular telephone to your Google Story. To interchange your critical cellular telephone with this one, proceed signing in."
Study in
"You are signing in on a assorted cellular telephone"
"Old to Hangouts SMS/MMS stops working, switch your dialog histories to Messages
Transfer conversations
Revel in texts, calls & voicemail on the on-line even when your cellular telephone is off
Conversations protect synced & accumulate on Google servers
Hangouts SMS/MMS is going away
Sync conversations
Text or name on the on-line while your cellular telephone is off
Messages stores your data securely on Google servers
Your conversations protect synced across screens
Sync your conversations to be pleased texts, calls & voicemail on the on-line
Dreadful story. Study in alongside with your Google Fi story.
Sync texts, calls & voicemails across screens
Study in to Google Fi
End sync & signal out
To pick up messaging & instruct calls on your computer, turn off chat parts. %1$s
Turn off
The usage of chat parts?
Didn't validate Google Fi story
Also delete synced conversations?
If you happen to delete synced conversations, they’ll be available entirely on your cellular telephone
Pair cellular telephone & computer
Subject: %1$s
Subject: Loading
You’ll be in a residing to textual inform material out of your cellular telephone and computer, however calls and voicemail won’t be available on the on-line
End syncing
End syncing messages, calls & voicemail across screens?
Some video & photos may now not be available across all gadgets when Wi-Fi is off
Sync media entirely over Wi-Fi
Can’t cease sync & signal out pleasing now. Are trying all over again later.
Stopping sync and signing out.
Messages, calls & voicemail protect latest across screens
Sync total
Sync in development
Google Fi

Backup & Restore

Within the kill, two layout files had been added hinting at a fresh settings page to restore messages backed up on the cloud: restore_activity_layout.xml and restore_fragment_layout.xml. The backup provider in Google Play Products and companies, as effectively because the backup provider in Google One, can backup and restore your messages whilst you before all the pieces signal into a fresh tool. Apparently Google Messages will enable you purchase to manually restore a earlier backup of your conversations.

Backup detected
Final backup
Restore your earlier backup. Backups will cease from occuring on any of your assorted gadgets.
Skip restore
This selection will delete your existing cloud backup, then backup chats from this tool.

You may possibly possibly download the latest model of the Google Messages app from the Google Play Store link below. Existing, nonetheless, that the dogfood develop model 6.2.031 won’t be available thru Google Play and can entirely be downloaded thru APKMirror.

Thanks to PNF Software for providing us a license to use JEB Decompiler, a educated-grade reverse engineering tool for Android applications.

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