Google’s Parent company ‘Alphabet’ joins the $1 Trillion Market Cap Club


The American multinational technological internet-based service company, Google’s, parent organization, Alphabet has entered into the club of $1 trillion market capitalizationThe huge success doesn’t stop here as the technological organization has now become the fourth U.S. company to hit the milestone, after Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne’s ‘Apple’; Jeff Bezos’ ‘Amazon’; and Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s ‘Microsoft’. Apple was the first to hit the market cap milestone in 2018, then followed by Microsoft and Amazon. 

Apple and Microsoft are still in the same position, rather, they are more than what it worthed two years back, however, Amazon has relatively fallen down below the mark. 

In the month of December last year, Larry Page, the co-founder and the former CEO of Google, left people astonished as he decided and surprisingly announced that he would be stepping down from the position of CEO, along with the other co-founder and the president of the company, Sergey Brin. 

The recently elected CEO of the company, Mr. Sundar Pichai, is highly excited, proud, and jubilant with the success of the company, as he has a vital role in it as the Chief Executive officer after Larry Page. Youtube, Search, advertising, and Andriod, are the core businesses that the company includes, that generates all its revenue and profits. Mr. Pichai had already been the CEO OF Google and all its core businesses. And so both the co-founders had decided him to be the next who runs the world’s most demanded and internet-service based company after them. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Larry oversaw all the other businesses making long-term bets on experimental technology like self-driving cars and package delivery drones. Although the co-founders have stepped back, still, they give their active participation in the organization, as they have control over most of the company’s voting shares.



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