Green Distillation technologies will be used to build tire recycling plants in the US


The US is going to be the first country to use the Green distillation technologies in building the tire recycling plants. New agreement will be receiving funds up to Hundred million US dollar for the roll out of additional plants in the USA.

Trevor Bayley , the chief operating officer said that the deal is coming as a result of considerable amount of work to negotiate an effective and workable agreement. He also said, “that the deal comes as the result of a considerable amount of work to negotiate an effective and workable agreement in the light of numerous US enquiries about its technology.”

The beading of the tire and the Steel reinforcing mesh are going to be entirely recycled into new tires and will be treated as scrap steel. Bayley also revealed that they have explored many other potential sites for the project in Australia as well.

The carbon that is produced in high grade products has massive potential for sale as carbon and is one of the world’s most widely used chemical building blocks. Each plant that is going to be set up will require a permanent workforce of 15 members. However, more people will be involved during the construction phase and in the collection and delivery of the old tires to the plant.

The approach of this technology is to provide a recycling solution. Through this technology, a problem is being turned into valuable and salable material. Countries like Japan, Thailand, Canada, the USA, the Middle East, Pakistan and India also seem to be very interested in the technology. This technology is going to be a breakthrough and it is anticipated to eventually become a preferred means of recycling old tires throughout the world.





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