Mary Jo Buttafuoco reveals first words she heard after waking from coma: ‘You’ve been shot’

    20/20 takes a look back that the case with new interviews with each of them, plus daughter Jessie Buttafuoco.

    The episode airs Friday, November 8 on ABC and promises “never-before-seen Buttafuoco family home videos.”

    ABC News released a preview of the episode where Mary Jo Buttafuoco reveals what it was like waking up from her coma after being shot. “I don’t know how long it was. The next day? Day after that? I woke up, opened my eyes and there were bright lights,” says Buttafuoco.

    She continued, “I looked at this nurse and she was yelling at me: ‘Mary Jo! Mary Jo! You’ve been shot! You’re in the hospital. You’re going to be OK.”

    Fisher spent more than six years in prison before being paroled in 1999 and the Buttafuocos divorced in 2003. Fisher was just 16 when she began her relationship with Joey Buttafuoco, and he was later charged with statutory rape and sentenced to six months in prison.

    Viewers of the preview took to Twitter, and some said they’re not interested in revisiting the details of the crime committed by the woman dubbed by the press as the “Long Island Lolita.”

    But others said they were still curious about the case and were glad to see Mary Jo doing well:

    Not for everyone. I’m glad she’s happy and well now

    — Leigh Anna (@moondancer34) November 7, 2019

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