New Rule released in the US for the export of Artificial Intelligence softwares


The government is going to make it more difficult to export artificial intelligence software from the coming week. This decision is taken to keep sensitive technologies from going out of the country and into the hand of rival countries such as China.

Starting from Monday, all those companies that have been exporting certain types of geospatial imagery software from the United States will be required to first of all apply for a license to send the software overseas. The exception is going to be made to all the software’s that are being shipped to Canada only. This rule will be going into effect only in the United States but there is a probability that in the later stage the US authorities good submit it to international bodies for trying to create a level playing field globally.

It is also anticipated that this rule is going to be welcomed by the industry because it has filled a much broader crackdown on exports of most of the software and hardware of artificial intelligence.This rule is going to cover the softwares that can be used as drones, sensors and satellites to automate the process of identifying targets for military and civilian.

James Lewis, a Washington based technology expert said that, “They want to keep American companies from helping the Chinese make better AI products that can help their military.” He also mentioned that it is going to be a boon for industry, on exports of AI hardware and software.

While the rule was released it was also mentioned that,  “While the government believes that it is in the national security interests of the United States to immediately implement these controls, it also wants to provide the interested public with an opportunity to comment on the control of new items.”



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