W. Africa Crude-Nigerian December crude almost sold out, diffs high

        LONDON, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Nigeria's export programme for
    December was down to its last cargoes, traders said as price
    offers for January stayed high both for lighter and heavier
    crude varieties.
        * The pace of Nigerian sales is the best for any month of
    2019, fueled by robust gasoline cracks and price increases in
    competing grades.
        * A slight easing in gasoline refining margins on reduced
    Transatlantic shipments may soon dent price offers for light
    sweet grades, traders said, which have dipped somewhat in the
    last two weeks but still hover around multi-year highs.
        * Saudi Arabia raised on Monday its light crude prices for
    sales to Asia in January to the highest level in six years on
    high naptha cracks.             
        * West Africa has few heavy sour grades, which are in higher
    demand as shipping hubs look to provide vessels with scarce
    high-sulphur fuel.
        * Heavier Nigerian Bonga and Egina crude oil have sold for
    record prices in December on demand for oil suitable for
    refining into the low-sulphur fuels mandated by looming global
    rules, though the January picture has not yet become clear.
        * There are no new loading delays to Nigeria's key Bonny
    Light stream, a trader said, though Shell is expected to update
    sellers on Thursday on the status of an associated pipeline that
    has been stricken by sabotage.
        * Indonesia's Pertamina issued a buy tender for Feb. 8-12
    and Feb. 13-22 delivery closing on Monday and valid until Dec.
     (Reporting by Noah Browning in London
    Editing by Matthew Lewis)
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